Comparing Ourselves With Others Is Not Wise

After reading this article by Lolly Daskal, regarding our need to stop comparing ourselves with others, my mind immediately thought of what the apostle Paul stated in 2 Corinthians 10:9-18; cf. Proverbs 21:2; Luke 16:12-15 NET:

"I do not want to seem as though I am trying to terrify you with my letters, because some say, “His letters are weighty and forceful, but his physical presence is weak and his speech is of no account.” Let such a person consider this: What we say by letters when we are absent, we also are in actions when we are present. 

For we would not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some of those who recommend themselves. But when they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are without understanding. But we will not boast beyond certain limits, but will confine our boasting according to the limits of the work to which God has appointed us, that reaches even as far as you.

For we were not overextending ourselves, as though we did not reach as far as you, because we were the first to reach as far as you with the gospel about Christ. Nor do we boast beyond certain limits in the work done by others, but we hope that as your faith continues to grow, our work may be greatly expanded among you according to our limits, so that we may preach the gospel in the regions that lie beyond you, and not boast of work already done in another person’s area. But the one who boasts must boast in the Lord. For it is not the person who commends himself who is approved, but the person the Lord commends."

Beloved, what's the bottom line to all of the apostle Paul's above discourse to the Corinthian brethren? It's that we cannot accurately measure ourselves by anyone else's standards, because those standards are human standards, falling short of the divine standard (Romans 3:10-12,23). The only accurate and true standard by which we must measure ourselves, is the Lord's standard and His commendation is the only commendation we need (Matthew 25:21).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets