"If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?"

Before God gave Moses instructions concerning the sending of men to spy out Canaan, He had reaffirmed His promise to give this great land to the children of Israel (Numbers 13:2,17-20).

Then in Numbers 14, we see God’s people coming to the threshold of the promised land. Would we not expect great rejoicing on this occasion? Instead, we hear weeping (Numbers 14:1). Why? Did they suffer defeat at the hands of their enemies? Did the Lord chastise them or forsake them? No, none of these.

They have just heard the negative report from the spies returning from Canaan, but ignore the encouraging report from Caleb, and they become worried when they hear what the fearful spies have to say about the enemy (Numbers 13:25-33).

There’s no question that it was a sad time for God’s people. But they were sad for the wrong reasons. Their weeping should have been over their own wretched condition and lack of faith.

It is indeed a sad time when the people of God lose their faith — when they no longer put their trust the Lord. It’s also a sad time when men place more confidence in what men say than what God says. The Hebrew writer records: “So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.” (Hebrews 3:19).

Brethren, what kept these Israelites out of the promised land can keep us out as well! 

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets