Satan's Devices

Those of us who have bad allergies more than likely have consulted an allergist. The allergist will usually suggest allergy shots which seem ludicrous at first. Nevertheless, allergy shots are designed to cause the body to tolerate the very thing it will not tolerate.

The doctor injects the allergy in very small doses over a long period of time. When the body has tolerated the small dose over time, a larger dose is injected, and still a larger, until, finally, the body of the patient can accept any dose.

The devil works the same exact way to desensitize the once faithful Christian.

For example, as Christians, we might say: “I would never be an adulterer!” Yes, but do we tolerate watching adultery on television? Will we tolerate fantasizing about adultery? Will we tolerate socializing with women other than our wives?

Just like the allergy shot, the devil takes a Christian by one small injection at a time, and the types of his injections are endless.

Beloved, let us not be ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets