Sing! Sing! Sing!

As a preacher, I often sit and look around at the people who are singing. We are singing songs of praise to the awesome God of the universe. We stand in awe of His power and majesty. We know this is the same God who created the universe and who will bring it to an end (2 Peter 3:10-12) . This is the same God who raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 8:11; 1 Corinthians 15:14-15,20; cf. Acts 2:22-24) and we are so happy that He did. We believe He is able to raise us from dead also.

We sing praise to God. We also are singing the praises “of” God. We want everyone to know how we feel about Him and how we love and adore Him. Without God, we would be nothing and without God, we would surely perish (Acts 17:24-25). Oh, we love God! We may not sing on key. We may not even know “what” on key is. We may not know “where” on key is. That isn’t why we are singing. We are singing praises to/of our God. We are not looking for the praise of men in “how good” we sing. We not looking for the praise of men in “how beautiful” our voice is. We are simply praising our God — “our” God.

Then sometimes I see someone who isn’t singing. Let me ask you a question: “How do you feel about your God? This is your God. Right? You love and adore him, Right?” Then sometimes, I hear someone say they can’t sing. Let me tell you a story about turkey hunting. Calling turkeys in the Spring is an “art.” Some towns have contests for the best turkey callers. A friend of mine enjoys turkey hunting. He has a good calling ability. There is a certain way people are taught to call.

Anyway, this friend was hunting one Spring, and heard someone calling. He said it was the worst job calling he had ever heard. He thought it would surely improve, but it did not. So when he could stand it no longer, he began to slip up on this caller to see who it was. He finally got pretty close and then he saw …. A turkey hen calling for a gobbler. He then realized that the “art” of calling may not be what man thinks it is!

God made everyone’s voice. It may not “sound” good to me. It may not “sound” good to the person who has it. However, it may be “beautiful” to the Creator. Brethren, let us never deprive God of hearing His creature praise Him. Sing! Sing! Sing! (Psalm 30:4; Psalm 95:1; Psalm 104:33; Psalm 149:1). —Vernon Curry

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets