9 Ways The Spirit Of Jezebel Can Rule A Nation

The Old Testament character of Jezebel epitomizes the evil intentions that this writer sees in Hillary Clinton, by her actions (or the lack thereof) and demeanor.

In Joseph Mattera's above titled article, Mr. Mattera underscores 9 ways that the spirit of Jezebel can rule a nation.

Does Hillary Clinton fit the same evil design as Jezebel of old?

Beloved, after reading Mr. Mattera's article, you be the judge.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


  1. I totally agree that Hilary is an evil person, but is Donald Trump any better? This election cycle he has said he wants to fund Planned Parenthood, wants "forward motion" for gays and lesbians, wants transgenders to use any bathroom they want, has mocked women, the disabled, POW's, and basically anyone else who doesn't worship and idolize him. He is neutral on Israel. He owns strip clubs and casinos. He tries to evict women out of their homes so he can build a parking lot for his casino. He fleeced thousands of people out of thousands of dollars each with Trump University. He has slept with multiple married women and is proud of it. He says his personal Vietnam was not getting an STD during the 70's. He has appeared on the cover of Playboy, and urged his then wife to pose nude for Playboy. He is an vulgar, egotistical blatherskite who is a pathological liar. He sues people regularly and tries to cheat those he has hired out of their wages. Worst of all he says that he doesn't know if he has ever done anything wrong and therefore does not need to ask God for forgiveness. If Hillary is a Jezebel then Trump is every bit a Ahab. Neither is worthy of our votes.

  2. Certainly whereas Hillary is similar to Jezebel, Donald Trump is similar to Ahab


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