The "Come Fill Your Cup" Blog

The "About" section of the "Come Fill Your Cup" blog, states the purpose of the blog: "equipping women for study and service."

It goes on to state, "We know you are busy and that life’s hectic pace pulls you in so many directions, but you can’t truly be the woman God desires unless you take time to fill your own cup…not with spa days (though we love a good spa!) or the latest novel…but with God’s Holy Word. 

We want to help you with that! Our goal is to reach you in the midst of your busy day and give you encouragement, education, and fellowship as you strive to live the life God has laid before you. Our prayer is that we can help fill your cup so that you, in turn, can overflow to all those around you. So, as we like to say…come fill your cup, and let it overflow!"

The "Features" section of the above blog, contains practical advice for (1) Bible study; (2) Bible marking; (3) Wisdom from an older woman; (4) A series of biblical teaching for young ladies by young ladies; (5) Divine percolations contains advice on "how" to make practical applications of the scriptures in our daily living, with the goal being to promote strength and growth to our souls; (6) Share creative ways to share what you have learned from a personal study of God's word with others; (7) The "Mary Rose and Me" section, contains creative resources for Bible class teachers.

To the ladies who read my blog, bon app├ętit!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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