Showing Respect To God

In Asia, children are taught respect by giving objects to their parents and elders with both hands. It is also impolite to use only one hand to give a business card to someone. To show respect in China, a businessman should use both hands in giving a business card to a person.

In 1 Chronicles 13:1-14, we see how important it is to show respect to God. David had good intentions when he decided to bring the ark back to Jerusalem. During the process, however, Uzzah touched the ark in an attempt to prevent it from falling off the cart. God struck him dead (1 Chronicles 13:10). David was stunned and upset by God’s anger.

Why did the Lord respond so severely?

David came to realize that what he wanted to do for God, had to be done with respect for Him and His specific instructions. God had commanded that the ark be carried by the sons of Kohath on poles, not on a cart, nor was anyone to touch it (Exodus 25:14-15; Numbers 3:30-31; Numbers 4:15).

What David learned is something we too must take to heart. Showing respect for God means learning what He wants us to do and then obeying Him completely (cf. Genesis 6:13-22). To please the Lord, we must do His work His way. We respect God when we obey His will (Matthew 7:21).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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