We're All Equal In The Grave!

As I watched this interesting video about the history of the television series, "Gunsmoke", and what happened to the cast members of that series, I realized that all of the cast members are now dead and in the grave.

In the early 1950's,  I remember listening to the Gunsmoke radio series with the late William Conrad, who played the leading character, U.S. Marshall, Matt Dillon. The cast members of that series, are all dead as well.

Recalling all of the above characters who have passed on to the other side, I have come to the conclusion that we're all equal in the grave! Whether rich or famous, poor or destitute, educated, or uneducated, the grave is no respecter of persons. Eventually, the grave will claim everyone now alive. Soon, our old tired, worn-out fleshly bodies, will  join the above characters in a grave located in a selected cemetery somewhere.

Beloved, this is a truism ..... there will be no superior attitudes or narcissistic complexes in the grave! In that environment, we at last will all be equal!

Knowing the above, what should we do to prepare for the life to come after this earthly life is over?

Set and keep our spiritual house in order, for we know not when our soul may be required of us (Luke 12:16-21).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets