Eight Benefits In Learning To Write In Cursive

Contrary to our present educational establishment, there are many benefits in learning to write in cursiveBruce Deitrick Price, the author of this American Thinker article, provides us with the following eight reasons why cursive is beneficial for students to learn and use:

1) Cursive accelerates a student's ability to read faster.
2) Cursive accelerates the ability to read, resulting in a higher I.Q.
3) Cursive encourages precision, thus improving penmanship.
4) Cursive demands both physical and mental dexterity, which results in students developing fine motor skills.
5) Cursive gives students the ability to appreciate beautiful writing.
6) Cursive promotes a student's love of history in the reading of historical documents from our nation's founding fathers.
7) Cursive allows for personal expression, as in a person's signature.
8) Cursive handwriting is faster than printing, resulting in easier note taking.

Mr. Price ends his good article with this statement: "Probably the real reason our experts condemn cursive is because cursive actually works."

Could the above statement be the same reason as to why so-called religious "experts" tell us that mere laypersons can't understand the Bible? (here is an opposing view). Because the spiritual principles found in the Bible, actually work when put we put them into practice.

Beloved, Satan and his cohorts are experts in keeping people ignorant, because he knows that if you keep folks spiritually dumb, he will have that many more people to keep him company in an eternal hell.

Here's the cure for spiritual ignorance: "Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15 MEV).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets