"Kiss The Son"

A querist asks, "What does the phrase, "Kiss the Son" refer to in Psalm 2:12? The kiss was the customary salutation in the East as a mark of respect or affection (Genesis 27:26; Song of Solomon 1:2; Luke 7:45), as well as a mark of reverence and subjection (1 Samuel 10:1 see source.

In the context of Psalm 2, we see an arrogant attitude of defiance by the heathen kings and rulers of the earth towards God and His Son. In order for for them to escape God's wrath (Psalm 2:4-5), they are instructed to "Kiss the Son" (show reverence and subjection to).

This phrase can also refer to honoring the Son as well as the Father, in doing the Father's will (John 5:19-31; Matthew 7:21; John 12:47-50).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets