7 Money Saving Tips To Frugal Living

From this MSN article, we learn about 7 money saving tips to frugal living. The following are additional 7 money saving tips to frugal living:

1) Track Expenses — When we see what we are actually spending, it makes us more accountable and more deliberate with every purchase, not spending mindlessly, nor spending on expenses that are unnecessary.
2) Go Homemade — Preparing meals at home is far cheaper and healthier than eating out.
3) Cut Back At The Grocery Store — Purchase items that are on sale or that have saving coupons.
4) Set Savings Goals — Do a little pre-planning. Don't purchase things that are not needful.
5) Remember It's OK To Say No — It's OK to socialize, but not to the point of overspending. As an example, when I eat lunch at a restaurant with a Christian friend, I order the daily lunch special along with water and a lemon wedge. Iced tea and colas costs far more.
6) Walk Or Bike To Work — Walking has many benefits.
7) Go Cash-Only — Leaving the credit cards at home and going out with a cash-only mindset, gives us a better idea of how much money we're actually spending.

An additional suggestion for saving and keeping track of our spending, is to set up a monthly spreadsheet, showing both monthly income and expenses. This allows us to instantly see where we are overspending in a certain expense category, and then make any necessary adjustments for the next month's expenses.

This writer has employed all of the above 7 money saving tips, verifying the fact that they do indeed work, if put into practice. On top of that, being a good steward, carries with it the idea of helping others, along with our honoring God.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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