"We Have To Put Our Mates First"

Brother Steve Fontenot is one of the writers for the "Think On These Things" publication. In the quarterly edition of the publication (January-February-March, 2014, Volume 45, No. 1), brother Fontenot wrote this sobering article that both spouses in a marriage relationship need to ponder.

As his good article points out, when two people marry, they need to know that their relationship with their respective parents and in-laws change. This change also includes any children the couple might conceive.

As brother Fontenot observes in his article:
"Devotion to children should not be allowed to rob either the man or the woman of the love, devotion, tenderness, and care that was pledged when they married and entered this relationship. It should remain "first."
He then goes on to say, regarding putting the needs of spouses "first" above children:
"A man wants and needs to know he is "first" in his wife's heart, and a woman likewise needs the assurance that she is the priority of her man's love ..... Men and women who are not demonstrating and cultivating this priority to their mates, need to repent."
The bottom line in brother Fontenot's good article is: "we have to put our mates first."

Indeed we do! (1 Peter 3:1-7).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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