You're Never Too Young To Learn!

This writer's old heart was greatly encouraged today, to read about this little 4-year old Georgia girl, who was given the chance to be "Librarian For the Day" at the Library of Congress. Daliyah Marie Arana of Gainesville, GA, has read more than 1,000 books in her short lifespan on earth!

What an amazing and remarkable achievement for this little 4-year old girl who began her reading regimen at 2-1/2 years old (see her reading ability in a video located at the bottom of this article). In all of my thirteen years as a library substitute, I've never seen a child this young display the voracity for reading books as Daliyah Marie has displayed.

Several years ago, I was teaching a 2nd grade class about how to search the Internet for various topics by using meta search engines (my favorite meta search engines for young students are and I asked the teacher of another 2nd grade class coming into the library, if she wanted me to teach her students how to properly search the Internet. She told me that she would rather wait until her students were in 3rd grade. Thus, a learning opportunity was missed. Folks, the earlier you can promote young children to read and to learn, the easier it will be for them to advance to the next grade level.

You're never too young to learn!

Beloved, motivating children to read at an early age, should be priority number one for any preschool, elementary school teacher, or parent. Parents also need to teach their children a love for Bible reading (yes, even meticulous readingat an early age, emphasizing the Bible stories it contains.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets