Bible Success

Different people in various ways define success. Success to some is the accumulation of goods. To another success may be academic achievement. And yet to another, success may be linked to the number of successful relationships in his life. Although one may enjoy success on several different levels, if he is not in a right relationship with God (Mark 16:16), he cannot truly say that he is successful in the most important endeavor of all (Mark 8:36-37). He does not enjoy Bible success.

Joshua, the son of Nun, was a successful man. He was both the assistant and successor of Moses (cf. Joshua 1:1; Numbers 27:18-23). He was a man of faith and trust (Numbers 14:6-10; Joshua 24:15). He was a great military mind (cf. Exodus 17:13, Joshua 8,12). He was the one who would lead the people into the Promised Land allotting to each tribe its territory (Joshua 11:23). He was given a difficult task to carry out (Joshua 1:2,6) yet he did it with skill and grace. In every way, Joshua was a success.

In the first chapter of Joshua, the Lord set forth the basics or ingredients for Joshua’s success. If Joshua were to adhere to the instruction therein he would enjoy “good success” (Joshua 1:8). These same instructions will allow us to stand successfully before God as well. Joshua’s success was dependent upon the following six factors:

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