The Importance Of Fathers Spending Quality Time With Their Children

While walking and doing some exercises at a public park, not far from my house this morning, I noticed a young father spending quality time with his two young sons. He was showing them how to do some stretching exercises before teaching them how to properly throw and catch a baseball in their baseball glove.

But this father was teaching his two sons far more than just how to properly throw and catch a baseball. He was teaching them about the importance of  (1) exercise; (2) order and discipline; (3) having a male father figure; (4) having a father who cares about his children's welfare and well-being.

This loving father's two sons, will one day thank him for taking the time to teach them valuable lessons in everyday living. Hopefully, this father is also teaching his sons some valuable spiritual lessons, so they too can teach their future children the same valuable lessons (Psalm 78:1-8).

Beloved the importance and value of having a loving and caring father, who spends quality time with his children, cannot be over-emphasized (Ephesians 6:4).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets