God Demands Excellence!

Just from reading these Bible passages here, here, here, and here, one can plainly see that God demands excellence (see here and here). My late father repeatedly emphasized the necessity of completing a task correctly the first time, so that redoing that task a second or third time, would not be necessary.

As an example, last Saturday afternoon, a cable representative from a major cable company, asked me if he could run an Internet cable from a cable box located at the corner of my house, across my yard and cinder block fence, to my neighbor's house. He told me that a crew would return in two or three days to bury the cable underground.

The two or three days has long since passed, and the Internet cable is still above ground. So, I had to call the cable company on Tuesday, and explain to them the situation. They told me they would turn in a work order to have someone come out and bury the cable underground by this coming Friday. If the first representative would have buried the cable to begin with, there would not have been any need to have called the cable company to send out other representatives to bury the cable.

Beloved, know that he who strives for excellence, will not be counted among the also-rans. We cannot make or give God "second best" and expect a good outcome.

Therefore, let us be found pursuing and acquiring the spirit of excellence in all that we do (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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