The Lord's Air Conditioning

With the dog days of summer upon us, hot temperatures will soon be the norm. El Paso has already experienced one 100 degree day, with others to come. Growing up on a farm back in the 1940's, my family didn't know anything about today's modern air conditioning, because there was none.

My grandparents would just open up the windows and the doors of their small stucco frame farmhouse and allow the wind to cool them off. If the humidity got to be a factor, we always had the stock tank to cool our bodies off (see picture).  When my grandparents purchased a two-story home in Hale Center, Texas, back in the 1950's, they would just open up the windows, let the West Texas breeze flow through them, and sleep comfortable in an upstairs apartment they had available.

I remember my grandmother putting in a floor air conditioner in her 1963 Ford Fairlane automobile (see picture). She thought she had died and gone to heaven. And it was still a far cry from the modern air conditioning we have in vehicles today.

Our family once went to see my aunt and uncle in Phoenix, Arizona back in the early 1960's. It was 114 the day we arrived at their home. In getting there, we used the Lord's 460 air conditioning (four windows down at 60 mph). Needless to say, we only went to visit them one time.

Beloved, the point to all of the above history, is that sweating is beneficial to the body (see herehere, here, here and here).

Regarding the aspect of sweating, the Lord once said that we would experience the "sweat" of our brow in producing our food (Genesis 3:19), and we've been sweating ever since. My grandmother once told me not to worry about either sweating or the body order that sweating produces, because as she said, "Mike, soap and water still don't cost too much."

And they still don't.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets