"The Donald" And The Gospel

As I look at recent news reports, I'm seeing that Donald Trump, one of several Republican candidates running for the office of President, is gaining popularity, according to a recent presidential poll.

While I'm not a Donald Trump fan, per se (he has a definite narcissistic view of himself as well as an overwhelming ego), I do appreciate his refreshing honesty, as opposed to the seemingly never-ending lies of the "politically correct" crowd. At least "The Donald" has the goals, grit and gumption to be successful, even if he doesn't win the nomination. The same should hold true for the Christian.

Another reason why Mr. Trump's popularity is increasing, is simply because he goes against the grain of the established "norm" in the political arena. For example, his stand against amnesty for illegal aliens coming into our country comes to mind.

Similar in nature, is the gospel message that was preached and taught by the Lord's representatives in the first century (Acts 17:1-6 Phillips), "The Donald" is literally "turning the world upside down" by causing people to actually have to "think" about what truth consists of (John 17:15-17) versus falsehood (of which the devil is the father - John 8:41-45).

With all of the recent Supreme Court decisions (here is one of them), and the liberal agenda of our elected representatives in Washington, the next presidential election could very well be the last election that we the people are allowed to cast our vote in. And it could also very well be the last time that the gospel is allowed the freedom to be preached in its entirety (Acts 20:13-27); i.e., the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling.

Beloved, we need to be seriously praying for our country as well as its present and future elected leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-3), for America's destiny hangs in the balance.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets