Ignorance And Apathy

As I read this article authored by D. Chadwell, this morning, I thought he pretty well nailed it, regarding the problems we face in our country when he stated:

"Yes, the problems we face are diverse: skyrocketing debt, illegal immigration, stagnant economy, dysfunctional government, a broken health system, horrible schools, a horrifying foreign policy, rampant deadly sexual immorality, to say nothing of fantasy football. We all know the problems and I contend that we needn’t peel back the onion very far to arrive at a common cause: ignorance."

But I would submit to my reading audience this morning, that not only ignorance is behind most of the problems our nation faces, but apathy as well. Folks just don't seemingly care about the problems our nation is facing or interested in providing any solutions to them. As long as they have money in their pocket, lottery tickets to purchase, alcohol or drugs to consume, a wild woman or two at their disposal, a smartphone to incessantly look at, and their favorite football team wins, they are as happy as if they had already died and gone to heaven.

Mr. Chadwell closes his good article with three eye-opening truth-filled paragraphs. Here are two of them:

"Our education system has not only withheld biblical information from our children, it has openly attacked the authenticity of the information contained therein. It has so aggressively taught Darwinian evolution, promoted such organizations as Planned Parenthood, twisted the history of our nation, and reduced education to the parroting of pat phrases of propaganda. It has assisted in subverting our language, of erasing moral distinctions, and has trained our children to think like victims.

This problem is not even hard to fix if we just turn the open market loose on the solution. Children want to learn. Parents want them to learn. They just need schools that can teach and the free market, if allowed, will provide them -- if enough knowledgeable teachers can be found. Aye, there’s the rub."

Yes indeed, Mr. Chadwell, "there's the rub" (Psalm 78:1-8 NLT).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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