Why Are Men Frightened Of Marriage?

The above titled video, posted by Paul Joseph Watson, gives us insight as to why men are frightened of marriage in our present day society. The question is asked, "Why aren't men no longer interested in getting married?" The answer given is, "Women aren't women anymore. Men are tired of being told that if women aren't happy, it's men's fault" (also see videos here and here).

Radical feminism is teaching women to view men as the "enemy." Thus more and more men are checking out of relationships with women altogether (here is another reason why). A Pew study tells us that only 29% of American men now see a successful marriage as one of the most important things in life. Since 1960, the number of married adults has decreased from 72 percent to 51 percent. Just 20 percent of Americans aged 18 - 29 are married, compared with 59 percent in 1960.

Once, men and women married for the benefit of having a great sex life. No more. Today, sex before marriage is the norm, despite the fact that statistics show that couples who wait until they are married before engaging in sexual activity, report having 22 percent happier marriage.  Marriage was once viewed by society as a status symbol. Now marriage is frowned upon and looked upon as mere drudgery, when we know that married couples are happier than people who are single. The influence of feminism has caused young men to be ashamed of their masculinity. The transformation and reversal of gender roles not only has taken its toll on marriage, but male/female relationships as a whole. As a result, the number of women in the workforce have now surpassed the number of men. The career woman is now applauded, while the  stay-at-home woman and motherhood, is denigrated to the point of her being considered a failure.

Women in positions of high authority are found to be more depressed than their male counterparts. Could it be that traditional gender roles result in greater happiness? Since women have been "liberated" by the Women's Liberation Movement  studies show that depression in women has grown greater every decade since the 1970's. So great, that women are now considering suicide more than any time in history. Being "liberated" from their God-given role, has caused women to be extremely unhappy.

What's the bottom line? God's marriage plan for both men and women works every time it is followed (Genesis 2:23-25; Matthew 19:3-6), whereas man's ungodly path always leads to promiscuous relationships outside of marriage, bringing nothing but pain and hardship, not only for men and women, but for innocent children produced by such promiscuity.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets