"Defining Deviancy Down"

After reading this American Thinker article, regarding the sexcapades of Monica Lewinsky and former President Bill Clinton, my eyes immediately focused on the above phrase. In her article, author Patricia McCarthy talks about the fact that Monica Lewinsky (like Eve in the Genesis account - Genesis 3:4,13; cf. 2 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Timothy 2:14) to this day, still refuses to take responsibility for her part in the sexual liaison between her and Mr. Clinton.

As Ms. McCarthy writes:

Both Ms. Lewinsky and Shukert seem confused about so much.  Both are likely young enough to think women can and should be able to have reckless, promiscuous sex without consequences and that,  should their behavior be discovered, they should not be judged for what is no one's business but their own.  Both of them condemn Fox News and Roger Ailes for reporting on what was, in fact, a legitimate and disheartening scandal; sitting president takes advantage of young intern in Oval Office in gross and disgusting manner.  Chances are that had Fox News been founded by Mother Teresa, Ms. Lewinsky would still not take responsibility for her own part in the scandal and the media sensation it engendered.  This is the level to which "defining deviancy down" has brought us, as the late Sen. Pat Moynihan put it.  Young people actually believe that there should be no uncomfortable consequences of their own poor judgment or behavior, no matter how egregious.  The blame always lays elsewhere.

Yes, Ms. McCarthy, sad to say, "the blame always lays elsewhere" (Genesis 3:13).

Beloved, "defining deviancy down" does not delete nor erase a deviant act (see here). We can't call sin by another name, and expect God to accept our deviancy.

Let's never be afraid to call sin what it is.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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