The War Against Knowledge

While working as a substitute in our local school district over the past thirteen years, I have observed the deliberate dumbing down of school children by the educational establishment in our country. You can ask an elementary or middle school student any question regarding geography, history, government, science, mathematics, or any other subject, and you will more than likely get a blank stare.

Sad to say, but through our government's efforts to keep children dumb (see herehere and here), the only knowledge they have is the knowledge of what is on a state-mandated test. Other than that knowledge, they are absolutely clueless.

As this article indicates, John Dewey and his socialist cohorts (1) "discarded as much of the traditional curriculum as possible" and (2) "they invented many techniques for scrambling classroom instruction so that knowledge was no longer taught efficiently."

Similarly, the Lord's church has been dumbed down through past years by its adherence to various "isms"; i.e., humanism, modernism, and postmodernism (see here). This is one reason why the Lord's church is not growing as it did back in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. Members simply do not have the same in-depth Bible knowledge as they once had.

What's the solution to the war against knowledge and avoiding the above "isms"?

Answer: Opening the Book and studying it.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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