Voting Cruz: Has God Abandoned America?

Lloyd Marcus, one of several writers who write articles for the online publication, American Thinker, has written an above titled article that poses the question: "Has God Abandoned America?" In his article, Mr. Marcus wonders why there are so many anti-Cruz Christians overlooking Donald Trump's anti-Christian political positions and liberal leanings (I have wondered the same thing).

Mr. Marcus then talks about a highly regarded theologian quoting from Romans 1:18-32, regarding God's condemnation of certain behaviors in the apostle Paul's society, and the fact that Christians are to make a spiritual difference in an immoral society by being the "salt of the earth" (Matthew 5:13). Mr. Marcus then makes an astute observation when he points out that some churches "tolerate everything in the name of love."

Beloved, Satan is obviously working overtime, influencing America's culture to "concede social issues" such as the praise of Planned Parenthood with regard to the murdering of over 3,000 unborn babies in the womb every day. Within the biblical purview, is the fact that America was founded upon Christian principles and values. Want to make America truly great again? Bring back Christianity into its society.

Mr. Marcus scratches his head (and so do I) with regard to liberals defending and protecting Muslim atrocities while claiming that everything, including the kitchen sink, is being thrown at Christians. Mr. Marcus concludes his article by stating that he is voting for Ted Cruz, the only viable presidential candidate who upholds biblical moral principles and standards. He hopes that God has not abandoned America and then quotes from 2 Chronicles 7:14.

One last observation: In his above article, Mr. Marcus makes some pertinent and viable points in light of biblical teaching that we as Christians should seriously think about, for the future of our once great nation is at stake.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets