No Prudence Required!

David French is a staff writer at National Review and an attorney as well (see bio). After reading his recent article here, regarding the Obama Administration's issuing of a letter regulating the use of public school bathrooms for transgender students, this writer has concluded that there is no longer any prudence (sound judgment) required in the leadership of our once great country.

Obviously, the purpose of the above letter is designed to override the will of the American people regarding the use of public school bathrooms, which are designed for only two God-created genders — "male and female(Genesis 1:27; Genesis 5:2; Matthew 19:4). In his good article, Mr. French points out that alternatives to public schools are either private schools or home schooling for our children's education.

His recommendations are: "Voucher systems should be dramatically expanded — giving every family the option to spend their share of tax dollars at the school of their choice; and private institutions and philanthropists should step up to provide needed funding. Indeed, private citizens don’t have to wait for government reform. Scholarship funds can expand the ranks of tuition-paying private-school students immediately, and coalitions of churches can provide substantial support for their communities’ best private schools."

He concludes his article by stating: "It’s not enough to sue the Obama administration, to protest, or to vote. It’s time to create and sustain excellent, accessible, and fiercely independent alternatives to the government’s schools. If we don’t, we lose. It’s that simple."

Yes indeed, Mr. French, "we lose, it's that simple!"

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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