Jesus Is Calling -- Will We Accept His Call?

The story is told of a woman who, during the course of driving to the grocery store, saw two stray dogs in an open field. Desiring to help them, she got out of her car and pursued them for over an hour, trying to call them to come her. Unable to do so, she drove to the store and bought some tasty meat for the starving animals. After leaving the meat where the strays could find it, she waited, and waited, and waited, but the dogs still declined her offer.

In frustration, she cried out, “I’m trying to save you! You’re going to starve to death or be killed out here!” She later thought to herself, “They had no idea that they actually needed me, but they refused my offer of food so that I could help them. I was so hurt and frustrated, knowing their bleak future as strays.”

As she continued to reflect upon her experience with the stray dogs, a spiritual application became clear to her. She said, ” I thought of the Lord — how He lovingly works to call people to come to Him so that He might save them (Matthew 11:28-30), yet so many refuse. Many do not even believe they need Him at all. They do not realize their souls are starving!”

See the "rest of the story" here.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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