You Can't Delete Reality!

After reading this article by American Thinker writer, Silvio Canto, Jr., this morning, I'm wondering when people are going to ever realize that you can't delete reality!

As Mr. Canto illustrates in his good article, the Nixon administration tried deleting some R-rated conversation between the president and his advisers (they called it "expletive deleted" - today, folks call it "redact"), but the reality of what was said is still on record, still in the minds of the men who were there, and still in the mind of God. You can't delete reality!

Mr. Canto asks the following question regarding the Obama administration's attempt to disconnect terrorists from terrorism: "why is the Obama administration so eager to disconnect terrorists from terrorism?" This is indeed a viable question, seeing that the goal of Muslims in their allegiance to Islam, is not only to kill every "infidel" in sight, but to ultimately rule the world. As much as we would like, we can't delete reality!

The German reformer, Martin Luther, believed in a "faith only" religion. When he came to the book of James, that stresses faith along with works (James 2), he wanted that book completely removed [deleted] from the Bible. He called it an "epistle of straw."

Beloved, if we deleted every word, every phrase, every book in the Bible that we didn't like, there wouldn't be much of the Bible left! Even if we destroyed every Bible on the planet (which some have tried to do), God's word would still hold true and would still judge us on Judgment Day (Romans 3:1-4; Romans 14:10; 2 Corinthians 5:10; cf. John 12:48-50).

What's the bottom line? You can't delete reality!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets