"What Went Wrong? They Took God Out"

Molly Ball, staff writer for The Atlantic, has written this article, emphasizing the fact that senior citizens remember a much better America than the present one, in an era where life was lived at a much slower pace and people cared for one another. Today, the day-to-day rat race has become almost intolerable to bear; people running everywhere with no reason to run, just trying to stay one step ahead of the other fellow.

As Ms. Ball's article points out, we now live in a world that no longer speaks a language we recognize. Our politicians have spent our citizenry into oblivion, with no means to return to a sane financial state. We try to support everyone in every country in the world instead of our own needy citizens, and it just cannot be sustained. Something has to give, and from what this writer has read, it won't be too long before a major financial crisis occurs in our nation. The rainy day is coming!

One of the citizens that Ms. Ball interviewed, was sixty-nine year old Donna O'Brien who stated, “I remember when everybody loved America. What went wrong? They took God out. It’s scary. It makes me want to cry.

Yes, sad to say Ms. O'Brien, they took God out (Romans 1:21-32 NLV), and it makes me want to cry as well.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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