Sometimes, God Gives Us What We Want Instead Of What We Need!

As I was reading this American Thinker article by author Rick Moran this morning, I thought about the fact that the American people are among the most easily deceived people on earth. After all, President Obama gave the people exactly what they wanted ...... hope and change (see video).

Now at the close of his presidency, Mr. Obama is continuing to ram oppressive rules and regulations down the American people's throat. As a result, note the present tenor in these comments by OReally found in the comment section of the above article:

"Obama you are the most disgusting man America has ever had to endure. I do not wish you well, and America is bigger than your hate for it.Your attempts will ultimately fail and you have already secured your place in history as the worst most perverse American to ever serve the American people. You have tested my faith, and until now I tried to forgive enemies, but I will never accept you as anything but evil, you disgusting human being. Seeing you fail, and finally seeing your removal from office will be the best medicine and the largest blessing America could ever receive."

And to think that Mr. Obama was elected to the highest office in the land twice by a gullible electorate is indeed sad to comprehend, but sometimes, God gives us what we want instead of what we need in order to wake us up to the spiritual reality that God's way is the most beneficial way for mankind (Deuteronomy 6:16-25; Deuteronomy 10:12-13).

That's exactly what He did when the people complained about that old manna that God provided them with. They continually complained to the point where God gave them exactly what they wanted in the form of quail meat (Numbers 11). So much so, that the meat was "coming out of their nostrils" (Numbers 11:20). As a result of their complaining, God brought about a great plague that destroyed the people who lusted for something they didn't need (Numbers 11:33-34 NLT).

Beloved, what's the bottom line? Let us be thankful for the fact that God continues to provide for our every "need" (Matthew 6:32-33; Luke 12:29-30; Philippians 4:19).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets