The Slow Death Caused By Drugs

As I read these two articles, here and here about the recent demise of actress Carrie Fisher and pop icon George Michael, I thought about my late wife, Nancy.

Over a period of time, all three of the above individuals became drug dependent because of the various stresses of life that each experienced. With Carrie Fisher, the drugs of choice were LSD and cocaine. With George Michael, it was heroin and cocaine. With my late wife, it was prescription drugs (she was taking 24 of them at one time).

Once your body gets hooked on any foreign substance, no matter if it's prescribed or not prescribed, it is very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to cease ingesting those substances without professional counseling and medical intervention. Slowly over a period of time, drugs will eventually cause the organs of the body to malfunction, causing an inevitable death.

What can we do to prevent any possible dependency on drugs? We can depend upon the Great Physician to providentially heal our physical illnesses as well as those illnesses of the soul, plus I'm a great believer in vitamin therapy, the use of minerals, and Holistic medicine.

The apostle Paul once stated that he would not be "controlled by anything" (1 Corinthians 6:12 NET). In order for that to happen, we must be willing to follow the inspired instructions found in Psalm 37:5; Psalm 55:22 NET, and then cast "all" our cares on Him, because He truly "cares" for us (1 Peter 5:6-7; cf. Luke 12:6-7 NET).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets