"What Happens In Lyrics Ends Up Happening In Our Streets"

In another excellent article here, my friend Ramnath Subramanian, talks about the fact that as the arts become mediocre and debased, so does society.

Regarding the corruption of the arts, Ramnath writes:

"The aim of the corruptor is not to take over turf in a single battle, but to change perceptions slowly, so that in months or years to come, a non-perspicacious visitor may be swayed by the winds of mediocrity to consider what is picayune in favorable light."

Isn't this the exact same way Satan operates ..... by degrees? (Matthew 4:1-11).

Regarding the lyrics in the music of our society, Ramnath writes:

"We cannot debase the lyrics in songs without debasing culture and peoples’ lifestyles. What happens in lyrics ends up happening in our streets."

We can see this happening in our present-day society, by looking at the lyrics found in the music of popular pop singer, Beyonce (see here).

In his closing remarks, Ramnath writes: "A society that succumbs readily to a debasement of standards may lose much in that process. Those who proudly wear jeans with holes may one day offer little resistance to philosophies that are uncomely, tattered, and, perhaps, dangerous."

Beloved, God does not except mediocrity. He only excepts excellence in every phase of our life (see article).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets