Are We Feeling Lonely? Here's 10 Tips To Help Us Feel Less Lonely

Do we ever feel lonely in our world of over seven billion people? Here is what a 90 year old man by the name of Derek Taylor stated about loneliness: "From time to time we can all feel lonely. I’d like to share my top ten tips, which helped me to feel less lonely" (see here, page 15 here, and here).

1) Make an effort to make new friends.
2) Join a hobbies club.
3) Visit your local community or resource centre and find out what’s on offer.
4) Learn to use a computer at your local library.
5) Seek help from your local social services.
6) Consider taking in a lodger or paying guest.
7) Use your telephone more often to contact people; don’t wait for people to contact you.
8) Contact friends and relatives you haven’t spoken to recently.
9) Make friends with your neighbours.
10) Do voluntary work if you are able to.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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