"We Live In Overtime"

In her most recent article here, sister Cindy Colley, compares the overtime of the Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl match-up, with the overtime God gives us after we've come out of the waters of baptism (Acts 8:36-40).

In her good article, sister Colley notes that as Christians, "we live in overtime." As sister Colley illustrates:

"All the mistakes and interceptions and fumbles of the past life of sin are erased when we come out of the waters of baptism. We begin again with a brand new chance to finish strong. No matter that we spent three quarters lagging terribly behind in the devil’s territory. No matter that we allowed more points than we ever should have given up to the opposition. No matter than we lost a lot of opportunities and allowed strong opponents to run right over us. No matter that we let a lot of mentors and supporters down. We get to start all over again and what matters is not the last four quarters of squandered chances. The only thing that counts now is what we do with the overtime."

Yes, sister Colley, "The only thing that counts now, is what we do with the overtime" that God has so graciously granted us (see here, herehere, here, here, and here).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets