"Marital Happiness Is Often Found In Doing The Opposite Of What Our Society Tells Me To Do"

Ashley McGuire, author of the book, Sex Scandal: The Drive To Abolish Male And Female, says in this National Review interview, that we as a society, need to understand the differences in being male and female, and to accept and rejoice in those differences.

In fact the whole thesis of Ms. McGuire's above book is, "that in the quest to be gender neutral, we end up erasing woman. What we wind up devaluing is the uniquely female contribution, including the most patently obvious contribution of bearing and birthing children."

As a married mother, Ms. McGuire realizes: "just how early children begin to understand their identity through the lens of their maleness or femaleness. I marvel at the clarity with which my daughter, for example, can see the things that our society is trying to muddle. As a wife, I’ve found that marital happiness is often found in doing the opposite of what our society tells me to do. I’m not going to sit down and make sure that my husband and I have a 50–50 split of chores and childcare in a given week, and I am not going to quantify my contribution in our home based on whether our paychecks are the same. We know that women want very different things than men, but we first have to free ourselves from society’s insistence that we live our adult married lives exactly as our husbands do in order to be equal with them. Modeling that freedom and happiness to my children is what I strive for."

Beloved, Ms. McGuire realizes the God-given differences between men and women, and rejoices in the difference between the two sexes.

So-called feminists need to realize the same thing. Men and women used to cheer vive la diffĂ©rence! And we need to humbly thank God for that difference!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets