They Look In Mirrors

As Spring is already here and Summer is just around the corner, we are already seeing the yearly divesting of clothing for both men and women. More than likely, this culture originated from the 1960's Hippie Movement, where the mantra was, "let it all hang out" and "if it feels good, do it."

Of course, one of the purposes for divesting clothing from the human body, is for attracting the opposite sex. The fallacy of that purpose, however, is that an individual will usually attract the wrong kind of person — one who is not interested in the person per se, but only interested in lusting after their fleshly body.

When I went to college back in the 1960's, the women that I knew and dated, had to possess these three qualities — Decorum, Decency, and Dignity (the 3-D's), or I wouldn't date them. They possessed both an inner and outer modesty, knowing that how they dressed, reflected their inward thinking.

Both men and women have mirrors from which they can view their bodily features, and then decide which clothes they will wear in order to show off those features to the opposite sex in the best light possible. Sad to say, their goal is usually one of allurement, in appearing "sexy" or having feelings that produce "sexiness."

Beloved, no matter if we are a man or a woman, know this: "Immodesty is a contributor to lust." If we look in the mirror and see ourselves contributing to lust in the way we dress, we need to seriously take a look in God's mirror, and then make some necessary changes in the way we dress.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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