"Who Are These People?"

In Patrica McCarthy's American Thinker article entitled, "Trump's Speech And Our Infantile Left," Ms. McCarthy points out the fact that most of the elected Democrats did not stand up or applaud President Donald Trump's proposals in last night's speech before a joint session of Congress.

About midway through her article, Ms. McCarthy asks this question:

"Who are these people?"

Ms. McCarthy, these people are obviously for a totalitarian police state, in which an oppressive government exercises total power over its citizens.

In her ending remarks, Ms. McCarthy points out the following, regarding President Trump and the Democrats:

"....the man is presidential  after all.  Let us hope they admit it and readjust their antipathy to something nearing acceptance.  Democrats, let the man do his job and get behind him.  And one more thing, Democrats, grow up!  You're all too old to behave as you did tonight."

Beloved, yes, the Democrats need to grow up and determine to work alongside of President Trump, instead of undermining his every decision for the future good of America and the American people.

These people need to read and seriously think about the question found in Amos 3:3.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets