7 Secrets That Made Steve Jobs Successful

The narrator in this short video provides us with seven secrets that made Steve Jobs successful. The following is a list of those seven secrets:

1) Do What You Love — Passion is everything.

2) Put A Dent In The Universe — You have to a big, bold, clear, concise vision.

3) Say No To 1,000 Things — You have to focus; reduce the clutter, make it simple. In fact, simplicity in everything.

4) Kick Start Your Brain — By doing something new.

5) Sell Dreams, Not ProductsHere is the Christian's dream, and thus, we must promote that dream to non-Christians.

6) Create Insanely Great ExperiencesInnovation means creating an experience for your customer (or in our case, a possible future Christian).

7) Master The Message — You are being judged by how well you give a presentation (Acts 17:22-32) — how well you communicate.

Beloved, as followers of Christ, can we not incorporate all of the above seven secrets into our mindset and daily living, making the church of our Lord more successful than it is today in bringing the lost to Christ?

Of course we can! (Philippians 4:13).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets