Greed Is Just One Of The Many Vices That Is Causing America's Decline

America's Vices
Since my collection of grapes was running low this morning, after my visit to the grocery store on Monday, I decided to stock up with some additional grapes today. When I arrived at the location of the grapes, I was aghast at the price ..... $2.99 per pound, when Monday's price was $.88 per pound.

Can you believe it? A 340% price increase in just two days (see percentages calculator). How many of us would like to see this percentage of increase in our income in just two days? (this writer would!).

I asked the grocery check-out lady, if the grocery store chain was in such dire financial condition that they had to raise prices on us folks living on a limited income. She just shook her head in disbelief.

Sad to say, but greed is just one of  the many vices that is causing America's decline (see herehere, here, and here),

Beloved, are we working only to acquire more "stuff?" (see here).

How much money do we really need? (see the answer).

What's the solution to greed and all other vices? Answer: Get back to the Bible, to God, and to moral sanity! (see here).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets