How To Use Your Smartphone To Protect Your Attention, Rather Than Squander It

In this Pennsylvania Gazette article about hacking the great distractor (the smartphone), author Alex Soojung-Kim Pangdelete, suggests that smartphone users should delete any distracting apps (games and social networks fired up while waiting in line at the supermarket or sitting in traffic), reclaiming that time as an opportunity to let our minds wander.

As Mr. Pangdelete points out:

"We lament technology’s effect on our ability to focus, but it has also eroded our capacity to be alone with our thoughts, and to daydream. This may not sound like a loss, but there’s great psychological value to letting your mind relax: it recharges your mental batteries, and it’s when your brain is most likely to generate unexpected insights or sudden answers to problems you’ve been working on."

Beloved, being alone with our thoughts, is definitely of great psychological value in allowing our mind to relax, recharging our mental batteries. And by doing so, giving our minds the capability to generate unexpected insights.

Our Lord fully understood the above idea of being alone with our thoughts, as He sometimes went up on a mountain by Himself for a few moments of reflection and prayer in the presence of His Father (see here).

Along with the sentiments of the above author, there's no question in this writer's mind that if we have a smartphone, we need know how to use it wisely, protecting our attention, rather than squandering it.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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