Mankind Has Got To Change Stuff!

If I've learned anything in my 70+ years on this planet called earth, it's that mankind has got to change stuff (it's the nature of the beast!).

When I was placing my debit card inside the ATM slot machine at my bank this morning to withdraw some money, I noticed that whoever programmed the ATM machine, forgot to include the $80 amount in the $20, $40, $60, $100 dollar amount selection sequence. So, I had to choose the $100.00 amount, which was fine, but it kind of irked me that someone just couldn't leave well enough alone from last week, when the machine was working fine.

Someone just had to change it!

My late father told me several times throughout my life, that if something didn't need fixing or changing, don't fix or change it!

Bureaucrats have been trying to fix or change our nation's educational system for the past sixty years, and every time they change it, the worse it becomes (take Common Core, for example!).

The "dumbing down" of our nation's children, seems to be the goal of highly over educated bureaucrats, who have no clue as to how to properly teach children.

Sad to say, the Lord's church has not escaped the "change" agents either (see article).

The bottom line is this: Changing stuff just for the sake of change, doesn't work, never has worked, and never will work.

Beloved, if something works, don't fix or change it!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets