"We Can't Do That"

Our local school district's mail room has mail bags that are at least thirty years old. Because of daily use, they are severely frayed and torn (with gaping holes in them). Notification of said mail bags to management, have always ended up with this reply: "We can't do that" (for various nonsensical reasons that always has to do with the money factor).

My observation, is that the district will have to experience a crisis (like loosing the superintendent's mail). before anything is done regarding their replacement.

In contrast, after this writer recently resigned from the school district on March 31st, it has only taken the district less than one week to delete my name from their database. One of my friends, who still works in their information technology department, was recently transferred from one office to another office within the same day. Not long ago, the chief financial officer of the district, communicated to the district's maintenance department, that she needed to have two designated parking spaces for her and her assistant. The very next day, the two designated parking spaces were in place, ready to be used.

As we can plainly see from the above examples, the "we can't do that" negative phrase, has absolutely no bearing to getting things done, when the right authority figure issues a directive. Over the years, I've learned that human beings do just about what they "want" to do - no more and no less (see #7 here and article).

Sad to say that over the years, this writer has heard the "we can't do that" phrase multiple times in the Lord's church as well. However, the apostle Paul had a different mindset, when he stated in Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (see how here).

Beloved, with Christ strengthening us, there is absolutely no goal (that is lawful), that can't be achieved, if we really want to achieve it (Genesis 11:1-6; cf. Matthew 17:19-20 NLT).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets