Self-Made Millionaires And Hazardous Extremes

As I was reading this CNBC article about how many hours per week self-made millionaires should work, my mind couldn't wrap itself around the idea of having to put in a 95 hour workweek (14 hr. per day) in order to attain and maintain millionaire status. Do we not realize that stress from overwork causes strokes and heart attacks? (see here and here).

There is a hazardous extreme at work here. Great prosperity can cause major spiritual problems. Not only that, but great prosperity can cause individuals to lose their soul (Luke 12:13-21; cf. Psalm 52:7; Job 27:8).

We need to ask ourselves the following two questions: (1) How much more "stuff" do we seemingly have to have in order to be satisfied and have an abundant life? (Proverbs 27:20; Ecclesiastes 1:8); and (2) How much money do we need to sustain ourselves? (see the answer here).

Know that Greed is just one of the many vices that can cause, not only an individual's decline, but a society's decline as well.

Beloved, we can live successfully in a stressful world by (1) simplifying our lives(2) setting proper priorities(3) allowing God to take care of us (Matthew 6:24-34); and (4) laying up our true (spiritual) treasures "in heaven" (Matthew 6:19-21; cf. Colossians 3:1-4; Timothy 6:17-19).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets