There Is Only One Person Who Can Save Our Nation

Several years ago in the 1980's, my late grandmother used to tell me, "Mike, our country is going to the dogs" [morally speaking]. Then after listening to several weekly newscasts, she would tell me, "Mike, after listening to these newscasts which reveal immoral acts committed by people, I'm going to have to apologize to the dogs, because they have higher moral standards than most people do."

Metaphorically speaking, the  phrase, "to go to the dogs" means that people's lives have taken a turn for the worse (see origin and definition here and here).

After looking at some present-day newscasts and trends, I would have to agree with my grandmother's above statements regarding our country going to the dogs. For example, substance abuse is very costly to our nation. Even though the total amount of abortions have decreased, abortions still occur in our nation at an alarming rate. The number of couples living together without benefit of marriage is increasing. And we could on and on with other alarming statistics regarding the immoral practices of people (online gambling, betting on horses, etc.).

The moral trends that this writer has seen over the past 60 years, indicate a constant deterioration of the moral fabric of our society. Lying, stealing, adultery, and murder of the unborn have seemingly become the norm, with Hillary Clinton being a prime example of a pathological liar. And what is really sad and mind-boggling, is the people who vote for Ms. Clinton seemingly don't care that she is a pathological liar. What does this tell you about the morals of our society?

This writer is fully convinced that there is only one Person who can save our nation from utter ruination and it's not Donald Trump! The Person I'm speaking of is Almighty God. If Old Testament history is any indication, God will bring judgment upon this rebellious nation, just as he did with nations in the past who "did their own thing" and went their own way (Isaiah 1:1-24; Romans 1:15-32)

Beloved, what can we do as a society to prevent God's probable judgment upon our nation? Get back to the Bible, to God, and to moral sanity (and a whole lot of penitent prayer and fasting wouldn't hurt either - Jonah 3).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets