Not Only Great Leadership, But Great Efficiency Matters In Any Business

Lolly Daskal, President and CEO of Lead from Within, a global consultancy firm, provides us with the idea that great leadership matters in any business. However, I would submit that great leadership coupled with great efficiency, matters in any business, including the Lord's business (Luke 2:49).

In place of the word "lead" in Ms. Daskal's article, let us use the word "efficiency" and make a spiritual application of what traits a great leader should possess in being efficient:

1) Efficiency in [spiritual] vision (note Moses in Hebrews 11:23-27 NLT & this article).
2) Efficiency in communication.
3) Efficiency in value (Matthew 6:26 NLT).
4) Efficiency in recognition.
5) Efficiency in connecting (note Paul's connecting with faithful brethren (Romans 16:1-16).
6) Efficiency in character (Job 27:1-5 NLT).
7) Efficiency in empowerment (Philippians 4:13).
8) Efficiency in the questions we ask (Matthew 22:41-46).
9) Efficiency in being more efficient (Luke 16:1-13 - note article).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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