Six Foundations For A Strong Family

If there is anything our nation needs more than anything else, it is strong families, in a spiritual sense. Brother Kevin Langford, worship and education minister for the Lewisville congregation, provides us with this above titled article, where he lists the following six foundations (I have added related links):

1) Strong Commitment to the Family (Romans 12:10).

2) Spend Time Together (Romans 12:15-16).

3) Good Family Communication (Romans 12:14). (Also see this article).

4) Expressed Appreciation to Each Other (Romans 13:7).

5) Problem Solving Skills in Crises (Romans 12:12).

6) Strong Faith in God (Romans 12:1-2).

Beloved, if we will incorporate the above six foundations into our character, our family, and our daily living, we can stem the tide of divorces in our nation that so grievously beset us (see here and here).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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