No Wonder Men Don't Want To Consider Marriage!

After reading these two American Thinker articles here and here about contentious and discontented women, this writer is thinking, no wonder men don't want to consider marriage! The wise man Solomon once stated, "It is better to live on a corner of a housetop than in a house in company with a quarrelsome wife" (Proverbs 21:9 NET).

With seven hundred wives, Solomon obviously knew what he was talking about (1 Kings 11:1-3 NET). Those wives eventually caused his demise, because he didn't keep the Lord's command to not associate himself with foreign women (1 Kings 11:1-2,9-10). Solomon also informs us that following God's commandments will keep a man from the influence of an evil woman (Proverbs 6:20-29).

In stark contrast to the above ungodly women, it is refreshing to note the woman of noble character described in Proverbs 31:10-31 — that priceless, godly woman.

My advice to those above described ungodly, contentious, and discontented women, is that if they don't like the privileges and freedoms that exist here in the United States, please feel free to immediately move to another country (see article). There are, by most counts, 196 of them.

My advice to the young men of our nation who are looking for a godly woman to possibly marry, is this: Seek a young lady of noble character described in this article, and then ask God to providentially lead you in finding such a godly lady  a young lady who honors her parents.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets