Avoiding Unnecessary Heartache, Misery, And Pain

This writer is almost certain, that if Donald Trump could have foreseen all of the unnecessary heartache, misery and pain that he has undergone after being elected President, he would not have been so eager to have entered himself into the presidential race to begin with (see here).

However, there is a way to avoid unnecessary heartache, misery and pain, and that is to never put yourself in a position where those three elements are present, or have the potential to be present.

The problem with now President Trump, is that he has allowed his ego, pride, and greed (see here) to overrule what his conscience and sense of judgment has been telling him all along — and that he should have stayed with what he knows best — real estate sales and development.

He is far out of his league when it comes to politics and keeping the liberal, politically correct crowd at bay. We can plainly see this scenario playing out in the recent failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act (which is not affordable), and the rejection of his immigration plan by two Federal judges (see here).

Beloved, sometimes God gives us what we want instead of what we need (see here), in order to wake us up to the spiritual reality that God's way is the most beneficial way for mankind, including Donald Trump.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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