Living Beyond 'What If?'

The following is an encouraging human interest story about Cambry Kaylor, a young girl who loved doing gymnastics, dancing on the back of a horse, being a ballerina, cheerleader, and a good overall athlete.

Today, due to an unforeseen accident, she finds herself confined to a wheelchair, but humbly offers us the following five ways to cope with any disability we might have, and in so doing, finding out what God's plan of hope is for our lives (see article and video):

1) Learn to love and accept ourselves, regardless of any physical disability or appearance we may have.

2) Learn to find what brings us happiness, regardless of the obstacles that come our way.

3) To find humor in awkward and difficult situations (see article).

4) Look at the big picture and believe in God's plan for our lives instead of our own (see article).

5) When we fall off our horse, find a way to get back on our horse.

Beloved, let us today "choose" (Joshua 24:14-15) to live beyond the "what if's" of life (see article).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets