We Cannot Change God's Truth Into A Lie And Expect To Walk With Him

As I read this American Thinker article by author E. Jeffrey Ludwig, regarding the empty pursuit of equality (see herehere, and here), my mind immediately thought of what the apostle Paul stated in Romans 1:22-25; cf. Jeremiah 23:25-40), describing the Gentiles' desire to change God's truth into a lie, simply because they chose to follow their own corruptible fleshly desires, rather than willingly follow the immutable law of the incorruptible God of heaven. As a result, they could no longer expect to successfully walk with God (Amos 3:3).

In his above article, Mr. Ludwig makes this statement:

"In matters of race, sexual identity, and marriage, we see a new set of definitions and a perverse new logic in play."

Note the word, "perverse" in his above statement. Isn't this what the inspired writer, Paul implied regarding the Gentiles' perverse lifestyle? Simply because they thought it foolish to acknowledge God in the grand scheme of things (Romans 1:26-28 NLT).

Beloved, setting new definitions regarding matters of race, sexual identity, and marriage, will not change God's immutable laws regarding such (see here and here). Why? Through the prophet Isaiah, allow the unchangeable God to explain why (Isaiah 55:6-11 MEV).

Mr. Ludwig's closing statements in his above article, reveals the plight of any society, who chooses perverseness over God's created order:

"Common sense, order, decency, moral values going back before Christianity and extending even to other non-Western societies are being rejected.   The chaos and doom that this foretells is beyond the human imagination."

Chaos and doom indeed, Mr. Ludwig (Romans 2:1-11 MEV). We cannot change God's truth into a lie and expect to walk with Him (Amos 3:3).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets