Don't Waste Time, Money, Or Food

In offering advice to young people from time to time, this aging writer provides them with the above titled words of wisdom that I received from my late grandmother when I was still a young lad.

1) Wasting time, is not smart because we have so little of it (Job 7:6-7; 9:25 NET and see video here and here). And the older we become, the faster time seems to travel.

2) Wasting money (see article) is not smart, because as my late grandmother taught me, "the rainy day is coming" --- and folks, that's a certainty! Plus the fact that God will hold us accountable as to our stewardship while here on earth (see here and here).

3) Wasting food is not smart, because of the old maxim that states, "Waste not, want not." Just ask any citizen of a 3rd world country, or anyone who has experienced The Great Depression, and see if that's not true.

And lastly, to both the young people who are reading this article as well as the elderly, the bottom line is this: Don't waste anything -- including your mind (see here).

---Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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