Underage Drinking And Just Say "No!"

This KFOX14 article reveals that the city of El Paso has adopted a new ordinance by which property owners and parents can be fined for allowing underage drinking to occur.

My question is, why do need another bureaucratic rule and the threat of a fine, to restrict young people from drinking alcoholic beverages?

Could it be that the parents of young people are enabling them to imbibe in alcoholic beverages by this statement found in the above article?

".....there are parents who enable their kids' drinking, and there's a term for it: social host."

If parents really wanted to be responsible for their children's behavior, why not put their foot down and just say "No!" to the drinking of alcoholic beverages period; both inside and outside the home? And then provide a godly example before them (see article).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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